Family MO HealthNet (MAGI) Manual

1805.000.02 Federal Hub Calls

IM-128 October 10, 2017

Federal Hub Calls (H-calls) are the electronic services provided by the Secretary of Health and Human Services, which States may use to verify or obtain certain information, 42 CFR 435.949.

H-calls are used by the Marketplace and States to obtain information provided by Federal Agencies, Social Security Administration (SSA), the Department of Treasury, the Department of Homeland Security and other data sources.

H-calls lessen the burden of requiring households to provide verification. Because of H-call and other electronic sources, the individual does not have to provide the same verification(s) to multiple agencies.

NOTE: Family Support Division (FSD) must check the electronic data sources to obtain information regarding the individual or household’s circumstances whenever possible.

As conditions of eligibility, all individuals seeking MO HealthNet (MHN) must provide and verify their Social Security Number, Citizenship and Immigration Status. H-calls should be used instead of requesting the individual to provide the documentation. H-calls can provide the following information:

  • Income Information
  • Social Security Number Verification
  • Citizenship Verification
  • Immigration Status Verification
  • Medicare Information

Individuals must not be required to provide additional information or documentation unless electronic data sources cannot provide the information required to determine eligibility. When information received from H-calls or other electronic data source cannot be used to determine eligibility, clarification should be requested. Clarification should be requested when:

  • Self-attested income is not reasonably compatible with electronic data sources.

    NOTE: MAGI Policy manual section 1805.030.15 Reasonable Compatibility explains how to treat income that is not compatible.

  • Self-attested non-financial information is inconsistent with electronic data sources.

    EXAMPLE: Xavier attested that he is a lawful permanent resident and has been in the United States legally for over five years. The H-call for citizenship returned conflicting information; it showed that Xavier has only been in the United States for three years. Xavier must have been in the United States legally for five years to receive MHN benefits. An IM-31A Request for Information is sent to Xavier requesting he provide clarifying documentation regarding his immigration status.

In the event that H-call services are down and not working, or an error or no response is received, and other electronic data sources cannot provide the information, request the individual provide the required information.