1805.000.00 Eligibility and Verification

1805.015.05 Failure to Complete an SSN Application or Furnish an SSN

IM-97 November 9, 2015

Individuals failing to complete an application for an SSN or failing to provide an existing SSN are not eligible for MO HealthNet. Include their needs and income in the budget when determining eligibility for the remaining members.

When processing applications which include individuals who have not applied for an SSN or who have not provided an existing number:

  1. At application, provide a Request for Information (IM-31A) form allowing 10 days to apply for an SSN or provide the SSN.
    EXCEPTIONS: Newborn children who are automatically MO HealthNet eligible may receive for one year without providing verification of a social security number.
  2. When some members have complied with the IM-31A, while others have not applied for or provided an SSN by the 30th day following application:
    1. Approve eligible members of the household that have complied with the SSN requirement.
    2. Notify the household of approval of compliant individuals and denial of the individual/s who failed to comply with the SSN requirements.
  3. If the non-compliant individual is the only eligible child or if all members of the household do not comply, deny the application by the 30th day and notify the household.

    NOTE: If there is non-compliant individual is the only child in the home, the caretakers do not qualify for MO HealthNet for Families (MHF).

Individuals denied due to failure to apply for or disclose an existing SSN must verify they have complied to be eligible. Individuals who were denied can become eligible no earlier than the first day of the prior quarter preceding the date they comply.

Determine cooperation on this factor at each review.