Family MO HealthNet (MAGI) Manual

1805.035.00 Adding Income Comments to Evidence

IM-14 March 8, 2021; IM-97 November 9, 2015

Enter comments in the eligibility system detailing how the income was verified.

Record any information regarding income source, reason ended, details of any information or tools used outside of the eligibility system (such as the Reasonable Compatibility Calculator), and details of calculations completed outside of the eligibility system.  Include details of any deductions found on paystubs or other verification.

EXAMPLE:  Jordan provided 4 weekly paystubs: 1/1-Gross $500- Deductions $50 401k and $29 health insurance, 1/8-Gross $450-Deductions $45 401k and $29 health insurance, 1/15-Gross $475-Deductions $47 401k and $29 health insurance, 1/22-Gross $500-Deductions $50 401k and $29 health insurance. Average weekly gross pay= (500+450+475+500=1925/4=481.25.)  Average weekly 401k deduction=(50+45+47+50=192/4=48) and $29 for health insurance.

EXAMPLE:  Mel provided her business logs for the last 3 months as she has not filed taxes.  Her income after self-employment expenses for each month:  1/2020-$733  2/2020-$850  3/2020-$1000. Averaged income for the monthly amount entered as evidence (733+850+1000=2583/3 months=$861 monthly average income.)

EXAMPLE:  Mat claimed $1000 SSA income on his application.  IIVE shows the gross amount is $1144 and net is $1000. The RC calculator shows the difference is only 4% so self-attestation accepted. 

EXAMPLE:  Judy works at a temp agency.  Provided 2 weekly checks dated 12/8 for 27 hours and $279 and 1/19 for 12 hours and $120 hours. YTD indicates missing checks.  More information needed to determine income.

EXAMPLE:  Greg reports on his application he works at a supermarket making $12/hr and works 40hrs/wk.  Weekly amount projected=$480 ($12/hr x 40hrs). No pay frequency declared.  No EOI to compare.