Family MO HealthNet (MAGI) Manual

1820.020.00 Cooperation In Pursuit Of Medical Support (TMH)

IM-19 February 7, 2018

TMH participants DO NOT have to cooperate either in the pursuit of medical support or in the establishment of paternity because TMH is time-limited medical coverage. However, if the parent/caretaker relative is already sanctioned at the time the case is evaluated for TMH, the household is ineligible for TMH and possible eligibility must be explored in other MO HealthNet programs.

Since all TMH participants are required to cooperate while on MHF, the Family Support Division-Child Support (FSD-CS) may send a notice of non-cooperation on a TMH participant. If this occurs, notify FSD-CS that the participant is now on TMH and is not required to cooperate. Do not apply any medical support sanctions to TMH participants.