Family MO HealthNet (MAGI) Manual

1820.040.00 Eligibility During The Second Six Month Period

IM-#19, February 07, 2018

Households eligible for Transitional MO HealthNet during the entire first six month period and who complete and return the first quarterly report on a timely basis are potentially eligible during the second six month period.

Transitional MO HealthNet eligibility continues during the second six months unless:

  • The parent/caretaker relative fails to complete and return the second or third quarterly reports
  • Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) exceeds 196% of the federal poverty level for the household size. See Budgeting for Income Eligibility.
  • For the second or third quarterly reports, the parent/caretaker relative had no earnings in one or more of the three report months, unless earner claims Good Cause. Refer to definition for Good Cause at 1820.015.00 TMH DEFINITIONS #3.