1820.050.00 Quarterly Report Requirements

1820.050.30.10 Reinstatement of TMH Eligibility for Six Month Closings

IM-19 February 7, 2018

If “good cause” is determined after the TMH case has closed it will be necessary to restore the TMH eligibility. Reinstate TMH as quickly as possible to prevent any disruptions in MO HealthNet coverage or enrollment in managed care whenever possible. If TMH is restored after quarterly reports are sent out, send whatever quarterly reports are due and allow the participant time to return them.

If “good cause” is not claimed or allowed, but the parent/caretaker relative contacts FSD indicating possible eligibility due to disability, pregnancy, blindness or change in circumstances, restore eligibility to TMH, pending an eligibility determination under the appropriate category of assistance. Follow the procedures in manual section 1820.060.00 Ex Parte Review When TMH Ends to determine if parent/caretaker relative(s) is eligible for another category of MO HealthNet.

NOTE: If one of two parents indicates possible eligibility elsewhere, only reinstate the parent claiming other possible eligibility to TMH.