1850.000.00 MO HealthNet for Pregnant Women (MPW)

1850.040.20 Postpartum Coverage

IM-105 December 22, 2023; IM-95 September 21, 2021

Women active under most MO HealthNet benefits on the date a pregnancy ends are eligible for 12 months of postpartum coverage. Postpartum coverage is continuous coverage at the level of care the participant had on the day their pregnancy ended. Women with state funded coverage such as Blind Pension, Emergency MO HealthNet for Ineligible Aliens (EMCIA), Show-Me Healthy Babies (SMHB) for individuals denied coverage due to citizenship (ME96), and Uninsured Women’s Health Services do not qualify for postpartum coverage.  

For new applicants, postpartum coverage is granted even if the pregnancy ended during the prior quarter period as long as the participant is found to be eligible on the day the pregnancy ended. Postpartum coverage begins on the last day of a beneficiary’s pregnancy and continues through the end of the month in which the 12-month period ends. Upon completion of the postpartum period, eligibility is explored for other MO HealthNet programs. 

NOTE: A prior quarter coverage request only applies to applications. See 1885.000.00 Change in Circumstance regarding individuals who have active coverage.