IM-#105 December 21, 2015IM-#26 March 19, 2004

Food Stamp applications that have been rejected by the system because the EU did not take a required action or rejected by the worker because the EU did not complete an interview should not be cancel rejected. The worker should enter a new application using the date the EU complied as the date of the new application.

NOTE: Do not require the applicant to complete a new application as long as it is within 60 days of the original application date.

When the EU provides all previously requested verification or completes an interview, immediately enter a new application on the FM0G (REQUEST) screen using the date the EU complied. The date the EU provides the information or takes the required action is the date of the new application.

Example: Mr. Smith applies for Food Stamp benefits on 09/10, an interview is completed, and verification of income is requested to complete the Food Stamp application. Two pay stubs are requested from Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith does not provide the two requested pay stubs; therefore, the application is rejected. Mr. Smith provides ONE pay stub 5 days after his application is rejected. A new application is NOT entered on the FM0G (REQUEST) screen. Mr. Smith then provides the second requested pay stub 15 days after his application is rejected. The date that Mr. Smith provided the second pay stub is the date entered on the FM0G (REQUEST) screen. Benefits are prorated from the application date entered on the FM0G (REQUEST) screen.

NOTE: It is important to make clear comments on the FM3Z (EUMEMROL) screen regarding the new application date. The comment must include the date the information was provided or the date the interview was completed and the date of the application that is being used.

If a customer provides a new application within 60 days of one being rejected; process the application based on the information provided on the new application. It is not a requirement to provide information requested from the previous rejected application in order to reapply.

AGENCY ERROR: Refer to the Cancel Rejecting a Food Stamp Application user guide for instructions on how to cancel reject applications rejected by the system or the worker in error.