1102.000.00 Verification

1102.005.05 Documentary Verification

IM-20 April 1, 2024; IM-42 April 14, 2021; IM-23 April 9, 2014; IM-137 November 21, 2005

Documentary verification consists of anything written or printed that confirms the household’s circumstances. Examples of hard copy (HC) documentary verification include:

  • wage stubs
  • rent receipts
  • utility bills
  • bank statements
  • letters
  • SAVE
  • Child Support Enforcement records
  • verification of earnings (VOE) services
  • invoices
  • medical bills

When documentary evidence is used as verification, record the:

  • date of the document
  • title or type of document

Note: Documentary evidence must be date stamped to indicate the date it was received by the Family Support Division.

Although documentary evidence is the primary source of verification, acceptable verification is not limited to a single document and may be obtained through the household or other source.

When information from another source contradicts statements made by the household, immediately offer the household the opportunity to resolve the discrepancy. Whenever documentary evidence cannot be obtained, the agency shall use alternate sources of verification such as reference/collateral contacts and home visits.