1102.000.00 Verification

1102.015.35 Disability

IM-06 January 26, 2011; IM-137 November 21, 2005

Disability is considered verified if the disabled EU member is:

  • receiving SSA disability benefits (SSD)
  • receiving Supplemental Aid to the Blind or Blind Pension (SAB) or Supplemental Payment (SP)
  • receiving Veterans Administration disability benefits for a total disability (SWN, SCV, VDR, VRA)
  • receiving disability benefits from a government agency having a disability as defined by SSA (RGA)
    • EXAMPLE: Public School Retirement System (PSRS) disability benefits are considered from a government agency, but the disability criteria for PSRS does not meet the disability criteria as defined by SSA; therefore, this is not a disabled EU member for the Food Stamp Program.
  • receiving Railroad Retirement disability annuity and has been determined to qualify for Medicare, or (RRE)
  • receiving interim assistance benefits pending the receipt of Supplemental Security Income, or disability-related Medical Assistance under Title XIX. (PDD, RMA) – NOTE:¬†An individual determined ineligible for SSI due to excessive income is not considered disabled, even if the individual has a statement from the Social Security Administration stating that s/he is medically eligible.

When an EU member claims they are unable to work due to a temporary disability and the disability is not obvious to the worker, request a doctor’s statement to verify the disability. Enter the appropriate work assessment code for the individual on the Work Assessment (FMMS) screen, but do not show the individual as disabled on the Disabled (FMMX) screen.

Enter the appropriate verification code and record any comments on the DISABLED (FMMX) screen in FAMIS. If the disability is tied to a particular payment paid only to those who are totally disabled (SSA disability, SSI, etc.) verification of the income is enough to verify the disability. Some income types are received by individuals who are not 100% disabled (VA payments not for a total disability, SSA retirement, etc.) and verification of the type of income or the disability must be provided. Enter the appropriate code once the verification is received.

NOTE: Disabled EU members must be coded as disabled, have a valid disability reason for food stamps, and the disability must be verified on the Disabled (FMMX) screen before FAMIS will recognize the person as being disabled. Valid disability verification codes are hard copy (HC), telephone call (TC), and collateral contact (CC). If an EU member claims a disability but verification of the disability is not entered, the application does not pend when disability is the only factor not verified. The application is processed with no verification of disability. FAMIS treats the unverified disability as no disability.