1102.000.00 Verification

1102.015.55 Income Maintenance and Employment Security Interface (IMES)

IM-97 November 29, 2023; IM-179 December 17, 2019; IM-26 April 9, 2015; IM-137 November 21, 2005

Staff must view IMES for all SNAP household members age 16 and older on initial applications, recertifications, mid-certifications and requests to add a person to the SNAP household.

Note: Add a person requests, the IMES is only run on the individual being added if they are age 16 or older, unless the current household members report additional income changes that would justify reviewing IMES.

Review the data on IMES with the SNAP household. IMES can show past and present Missouri employment history and Missouri Unemployment Compensation Benefits (UCB). 

IMES is used to verify Missouri UCB payments or current UCB application claims, it is not used to verify earned income.  Use this as a tool to discuss earned income with the household that could affect the SNAP eligibility determination.

Retain copies of IMES in the head of household’s case record if:

  • IMES contains any earned income information, or
  • IMES contains UCB application claim status or payment history, or
  • If IMES shows Missouri residency and/or address information.

IMES showing “no data” or information older than 12 months is not required in the case record.

All information discussed and reviewed or shown on IMES must be recorded as a comment or note in the eligibility system.

Note: If it has been more than 30 days since the applicant/participant received the final paycheck from an employer shown on IMES, end date the income source with the date of the final paycheck.  Do not add the income source if it was not already present in the eligibility system. Verification is not required unless the final paycheck was received within the last 30 days or the information is questionable.