1110.000.00 Resources

1110.020.50 Averaged Income as an Excluded Resource

IM-14 February 23, 2007

Do not count money prorated or averaged as income, such as self-employment or farm income, as a resource. If the money is in an account with income that is not prorated or averaged, determine the non-excluded amount as follows:

  • Determine total prorated or averaged income (self-employment, farm income, etc.). The “total” is the amount before deducting expenses of producing the income.
  • Subtract the total prorated or averaged income from the account balance.
  • Include the remainder in the resource amount.

Enter the entire resource amount on the Liquid Resources (FMW0) screen. Enter the amount that is excluded in the Excluded Amount field and use AI – averaged income as the Excl Rsn (excluded reason). Record a comment why that portion is excluded.

Always review the Financial Resource Detail Summary (FMWG) screen prior to authorizing a case action to ensure resources you expect to be excluded are excluded in the determination. From the Action Authorization (FM3H) screen, press F15=RESOURCE to view the Financial Resource Detail Summary (FMWG) screen. If the resource is incorrect, select the resource and press F6=DETAILS to return to the appropriate screen and correct the inaccurate information.