Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Manual

1110.020.35 Indian and Alaskan Native Payments

IM-#14 February 23, 2007

The following payments are excluded from the resource determination.

  • Indian lands held jointly with the tribe or land that can be sold only with approval of the Bureau of Indian Affairs.
  • Benefits received under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act and any payments received under the Sac and Fox Indian claims agreement.
  • Payments received by certain Indian tribal members as follows:
    • under Public Law 94-114, Section 6, any payment(s) received regarding submarginal land held in trust by the United States government;
    • under Public Law 97-458, 96 Stat. 2512 of January 12, 1983, each separate payment of $2,000 or less to each Indian regarding funds held in trust by the United States government;
    • under Public Law 98-500, Section 8, Old Age Assistance Claims Settlement Act, each separate payment of $2,000 or less made to heirs of deceased Indians under this Act;
    • under Public Law 93-531, relocation assistance to the Navajo and Hopi tribes;
    • per capita payments made under P.L. 98-124 to the Assiniboine Tribe of Montana, under P.L. 99-377 to the Chippewas of Mississippi, or under P.L. 98-123 to the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians; and
    • payments made under P.L. 94-540, P.L. 94-189, P.L. 95-433, P.L. 96-420, P.L. 97-403, P.L. 97-408, P.L. 99-346 to Indian tribes.