1115.000.00 Income

1115.015.20 Uncertain/Irregular Income

IM-56 May 18, 2020; IM-30 April 4, 2007; IM-81 August 31, 2006

When determining or projecting ongoing income, exclude earned income (EI) that is uncertain and is not expected to continue.  Income that has changed or is anticipated to change such as overtime, bonuses, commissions, or other wages that are uncertain if they will continue, should be excluded.

  • If the overtime, bonus, commission, or other wage is paid on the same check as regular wages, enter the amount that is to be excluded in the Irregular Amount field on the Income Amount (FMX3) screen.
  • If the overtime (WA), bonus (BO), commission (CM), or other wage (WA) is paid on its own check, enter the income source and information as normal, but enter N in the Include (Y/N) field.
  • If there is holiday pay, exclude the irregular portion that cannot be anticipated to continue.

Also exclude earned income (EI) or unearned income (UI) received on a casual or unpredictable basis that cannot be reasonably anticipated to be available during the certification period and is not in excess of $30 in a quarter.

Example:  receiving a $25 birthday gift would be excluded as irregular and unpredictable income as this is under $30.

Comments should be entered to explain why income was budgeted or excluded.