1115.000.00 Income

1115.015.70 Indian or Alaskan Native Payments

IM-81 August 31, 2006

Exclude the following.

  • Benefits received under Alaska Native Claims Act. (Type UI – Source N2)
  • Payments received by certain Indian tribal members as follows:
    • income received from sub marginal land of the United States held in trust for certain Indian tribes (Type UI – Source BI), and
    • relocation assistance provided to the Navajo and Hopi tribes (Type UI – Source BI).
  • Income derived from the disposition of funds to the Grand River Band of Ottawa Indians. Also, payments made under the following: P.L. 93-531, P.L. 94-114, P.L. 94-540, P.L. 95-433, P.L. 96-420, P.L. 97-403, P.L. 97-408, P.L. 99-346, P.L. 98-123 and P.L. 98-124. If needed, contact the policy unit for clarification. (Type UI – Source BI)
  • Payments up to $2,000 for funds held in trust by the Secretary of Interior for the benefit of Indians. The $2,000 exemption applies to each separate payment to each Indian. Only amounts in excess of $2,000 are counted as income or a lump sum, whichever is appropriate (includes payments under P.L. 97-458, 96 Stat. 2512 of January 12, 1983; P.L. 98-64, 97 Stat. 365, August 1983; P.L. 99-377, August 8, 1986, P.L. 99-377 and P.L. 98-500 of October 17, 1984), P.L. 103.66, Section 13736, 10/07/93. Enter the first $2000 of the payment as Type UI – Source BI. Enter the remaining amount of the payment as Type UI – Source PS. FAMIS excludes the BI payment and includes the PS payment.