Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Manual

1115.071.00 Income and Expenses From Disqualified/Ineligible Members for Intentional Program Violation, Work Registration/METP Sanction, Fleeing Felon, Probation or Parole Violator, or Drug Felony Conviction

IM-34 March 15, 2013

During the time a household member is disqualified for:

  • an Intentional Program Violation (IPV)
  • any work registration sanction
  • being a fleeing felon, probation or parole violator, or
  • conviction of a drug felony

determine eligibility and allotment of any remaining household members as follows:


  • Count all earned or unearned income of the disqualified member in its entirety to the remaining household members.


  • The entire household’s allowable expenses (including expenses of the disqualified member) continue to apply to the remaining household members. Expenses include the earned income deduction, medical, dependent care, child support exclusion and excess shelter.


  • Do not include the disqualified member when determining the household’s size for purposes of:
    • assigning a benefit amount to the household, or
    • for purposes of comparing the household’s net monthly income with the income eligibility standards.

    NOTE: If the disqualified person is the only elderly/disabled person in the household, both the gross and net income tests apply.

Ensure no household’s benefit increases as a direct result of excluding disqualified household members.