1115.000.00 Income

1115.095.05 EUs Subject to 100% of Federal Income Poverty (Net Income) Guidelines Only

IM-23 March 26, 2021; IM-52 May 30, 2013; IM-68 July 24, 2007

EUs containing an elderly or disabled member must meet only the net income eligibility limit.

The income amount used in this determination is the net adjusted monthly income (gross income minus farm loss and the allowable income and expense deductions). FAMIS compares the EU’s net adjusted monthly income to the net monthly income eligibility limit for the appropriate EU size.

If the EU’s net adjusted monthly income is equal to or less than the net monthly income eligibility limit for the EU size, the EU meets this requirement and is eligible for food stamp benefits. If the EU does not meet this requirement, verification of income is requested, and once verified the application is rejected or the case closed.

When the EU contains a member who is 59 years old on the date of application, but who will become 60 before the end of the month of application, the EU is required to meet the net income eligibility limit, not the gross income eligibility limit. FAMIS makes the eligibility determination for an elderly EU when an EU member is turning age 60 within the month of application. This determination is reflected on the Food Stamp Budget Summary screen (FSBUDSUM/FM4A).