1120.000.00 Application Process

1120.025.10 Disqualified Authorized Representative

IM-#27 March 19, 2004

When the worker adds an authorized representative, FAMIS checks for active disqualifications. If the authorized representative is currently disqualified, as seen on the Sanction/Disqualification screen (FMAM), the Representative screen (FMMP) displays Y in the DQ field.

If the authorized representative is making the application on behalf of the EU, attempt to call the EU and notify them of the disqualification. Continue as follows:

  • If the EU has no one else to appoint as the authorized representative and wishes for the application to continue, enter Y in the Fraud Excep (Y/N) field and continue with the controlled flow.
  • If the EU wishes to designate someone else or to complete the application themselves, stop the application and do not finish until the EU or the new authorized representative is available. The worker may conduct a telephone interview to complete the application.Note: In order to complete the application with the EU with no authorized representative, you must exit the controlled flow to change Authorized Representative to N on the Application Detail screen, enter the DCN of the applicant in the Signed By field, and resume the controlled flow. See the ADDING/UPDATING/ENDING A REPRESENTATIVE user guide for detailed procedures.
  • If the EU cannot be reached, stop the application and contact the EU in writing. Do not complete the application until you have heard from the EU whether they wish to continue with the currently designated authorized representative, designate a new authorized representative, or complete the application themselves.