1135.005.00 Special Meal Programs

1135.005.15.20 FSD Review

IM-31 June 10, 2014IM-07 January 7, 2008  IM-93 September 16, 2004,  IM-53 March 23, 2000

The FSD must conduct yearly on-site reviews of the drug and alcohol treatment centers (DATC). During the visits, the FSD must advise the center of its responsibilities to:

  • Have the DATC administrator or a designated staff member act as authorized representative to make application for the residents;
  • review the EU’s circumstances with the resident prior to applying on his/her behalf;
  • report all changes in the resident’s situation, including when a resident leaves the facility.
  • submit a monthly list of participating residents in their facility signed by a facility official attesting to its accuracy;
  • allow FSD to visit yearly to assure the list of participating residents is accurate and the agency’s records are consistent and up-to-date;

The DATC must be made aware they are liable for any overpayments made to residents while living at their facility as well as any intentional program violations committed by the authorized representative.

Discuss with the DATC their procedures for ensuring Food Stamp participants receive their EBT card when residents leave.

Copies of the DATC monthly listings and the annual review forms must be maintained in the FSD office for three years.