1135.000.00 Special Application Procedures

1135.035.05 CE Household/Members Receive Temporary Assistance/SSI/SAB/SP/Special Support Services

IM-24 February 21, 2006; IM-192 October 23, 2001; IM-05 January 7, 2000

Categorically eligible EUs are EUs in which:

  • all members receive or are authorized to receive Temporary Assistance, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Supplemental Aid to the Blind (SAB) and/or Supplemental Payment (SP) benefits, or
  • any member receives or is authorized to receive special support services.

For categorical eligibility purposes:

  • Temporary Assistance includes Temporary Assistance cash;
  • SSI includes SSI cash, SSI suspended, and SSI recouped to zero;
  • SAB includes SAB cash;
  • SP includes SP cash, and
  • special support services include those listed in Section¬†1135.035.00¬†Categorical Eligibility (CE). A participant must be approved for the benefit or service, but does not have to be actually using the service(s).