Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Manual

1140.005.55 Changes in EU’s Income Maintenance Grant

IM-#52 May 30, 2013IM-#36 April 22, 2010IM-#80 August 27, 2004IM-#14 January 23, 2003

Take action on all changes in the EU’s Income Maintenance (IM) cash grant and the changes related to the change in the IM cash grant. The action required is dependent upon whether there is sufficient information to determine the impact on the Food Stamp benefits.

Sufficient Information to Determine Impact on FS

For those changes with sufficient information to determine the impact on the Food Stamp benefits, take the action.

  • Decrease in Both IM and FS BenefitsSend a single notice of adverse action for both IM and FS. Make the change effective with the month following the month in which the ten-day notice of adverse action expires.
  • Increase in FS Benefits Due to IM Cash Assistance ChangeIf the EU’s FS benefits increase as a result of reducing or terminating the IM grant, FAMIS will not take the Food Stamp action to increase benefits until after the notice of adverse action expires for the IM cash grant and the IM action is taken. Both the change to the IM cash grant and the change that caused the grant to increase or decrease must be taken.

    If the EU requests a hearing on the IM grant reduction, budget the amount of IM grant the Food Stamp EU receives pending the hearing decision.

Insufficient Information to Determine FS Impact

A change may result in terminating an EU’s IM cash grant within its FS certification period and sufficient information does not exist to determine how the change affects the EU’s FS eligibility and benefit level.

EXAMPLES: The return of a non-custodial parent to the home and information about the income of the new EU member is not available or the Temporary Assistance was closed for failure to complete a reinvestigation.

  • Do not automatically terminate benefits.
  • Send the EU a Request for Contact (FA-331 RFC), along with the IM cash grant Notice of Adverse Action.
  • Request information needed to clarify the EU’s current circumstances.
  • Give the EU at least ten days to provide the requested information. Record the date the FA=331 RFC was sent on the Eligibility Unit Member Role (FM3Z) screen.

If the EU does not request a hearing regarding the change in its IM benefits and does not provide information to clarify its current circumstances, authorize a worker initiated adverse action closing (AAWC) with reason COO (failed to cooperate) and send an FA-510, Adverse Action notice, to close the Food Stamp case. Record the reason for the action on the Action Authorization (FM3H) screen. The case is closed effective the month following the month in which the notice of adverse action expires. Refer to the FAMIS User Guide Worker Initiated Closing for instructions.