Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Manual

1142.035.00 Computing the Amount of the Claim

IM-65 July 12, 2023; IM-40 May 28, 2008; IM-142 December 2, 2005

The amount of the claim is computed by determining the number of months of an overpayment and the amount of overpayment for each month. Whether an overpayment occurred is impacted by the household change reporting requirements. Do not consider overpayments if the household was not required to report the change in circumstances.

The first month of overpayment is determined by applying the change reporting rules that would have applied to the case situation if all facts and figures required to be reported had been reported to the agency within the proper time frames.

If the overpayment occurred because incorrect information was given or an incorrect determination was made at the time of an application or reapplication, the first month benefits were overpaid is the beginning month of the certification period.

If the household reports the change timely and action is required, but the agency fails to act on the change, the first month of overpayment is the first month the agency should have made the change effective. If the notice of adverse action was required but was not sent, the agency shall assume that the maximum advance notice period, if applicable, would have expired without the household requesting a fair hearing.