1142.055.00 Collection Procedures

1142.055.15.10 EBT Voluntary Repayment

IM-65 July 12, 2023; IM-142 December 2, 2005

A debtor may voluntarily use SNAP benefits in their EBT account to repay a SNAP overpayment. A Voluntary Repayment Authorization form (IM-114) is completed and signed by the debtor. Verify a claim has been established for the overpayment on the Display Claim Information screen (OVCI). To view the claim type OVCI, space, I, DCN and press enter. To view additional claims for this individual, press enter. When all claims have been displayed, the message “END OF INQUIRY” displays. The Claim Summary Screen (OVCS) displays a summary of claims for the participant, including the repayment agreement.

If the debtor wishes to enter into a repayment agreement, refer them to the Claims and Restitution Unit at 573-751-3004.

If a Voluntary Repayment Authorization form (IM-114) is returned, forward the IM-114 to DLS.CANDRTEAM@dss.mo.gov.