1145.000.00 Disqualification for Intentional Program Violation

1145.010.05 WIU Returns Claim/Referral Without Investigating

IM-133 August 28, 2019; IM-140 November 30, 2005

WIU may decline a claim if there is not clear and convincing evidence of an IPV.  The Program Integrity Unit may still initiate an ADH if they feel there is enough evidence to warrant a hearing.  The PIU manager or designee (other than the case analyst who made the claim determination) must review the claim before PIU requests an ADH.   

WIU may decline a referral if there is a lack of solvability factors, the referral is unfounded or the allegation is not a violation due to simplified reporting guidelines. There are case situations in which WIU declines the referral; however, changes in eligibility need to be considered. WIU will forward those referrals to the Food Stamp Program Administrator for review of necessary action.