Administrative Procedures Manual

0107.005.00 Standard Visitor Log

IM-38 April 25, 2012; IM-16 February 23, 2012

All Family Support Division Income Maintenance (FSD-IM) facilities must use a Standard Visitor Log to validate all visitors to their facility. Section 4.3.2 (Controlling Physical Access to Federal Tax Information (FTI)) of the Internal Revenue Service Publication 1075 each facility containing Federal Tax Information (FTI) must have a visitor log to authenticate visitors before authorizing access to the facility.

A visitor for the purpose of this log is defined as anyone other than an employee of the State of Missouri who is housed in the facility or who has assigned responsibilities within the facility.

Only visitors, who meet this definition and enter an area of the facility where Federal Tax Information (FTI) is accessible, either by paper or electronically, must sign the Standard Visitor Log. Waiting areas and restrooms are not considered as areas that contain FTI and patrons who access only these areas of the facility do not need to sign the Standard Visitor Log. See Section 0107.005.05 Authorized Access List for information regarding regular visitors, who are not housed in the facility or who do not have assigned responsibilities within the facility, but have access to areas that contain FTI.

The Standard Visitor Log must be kept at the main entrance of each office and completed by anyone who is not an employee in that office. Each FSD-IM office must use the Standard Visitor Log. A designated official or designee within the office, such as the County Manager, must review the Standard Visitor Log quarterly to ensure the Standard Visitor Log maintains the appropriate information for all visitors.

The log contains the:

  • Visitor’s name and organization
  • Person with whom they are to visit and purpose for visit
  • Date
  • Time in
  • Time out
  • Signature of the visitor
  • Type of identification the visitor provided as proof of their identity