General Information Manual

0150.015.00 Participant Training

IM-94 September 20, 2004

Give participant training to each applicant, authorized representative, protective payee, or other interested party during the application process. Additional training is given as requested.

Give an IM-4 EBT out during every application and by request. Discuss the following topics with the applicant:

  • What is EBT?
  • How will I get an EBT card and PIN?
  • Who can use the EBT card and PIN?
  • What do I need to do?
  • Where do I use my EBT card?
  • What fees will I pay?
  • What are my rights and responsibilities?
  • Is additional training available?

It is imperative that the EBT process is explained in a comprehensive, easily understood manner.

Emphasize the following during the training:

  • The EBT card is mailed out active.
  • A personal identification number (PIN) is necessary to use an EBT card.
  • PINs can be changed. Explain the participant may select his/her PIN by phoning 800-997-7777. Also advise the participant they may request a new system- generated PIN be mailed by calling 800-997-7777.
  • PIN mailers come in a separate envelope. Describe the appearance of the PIN mailer.
  • The household member(s) must report stolen, lost, or damaged cards immediately to the eFunds Help Desk at 800-997-7777 or to the caseworker. It is very important to stress the card should be replaced immediately when it be comes damaged. Allow the participant to use their available benefits first then cancel the damaged card and replace.
  • Food Stamp and Temporary Assistance cash benefits are available each month of the certification on a certain day beginning at 6:00 a.m. CST. Food stamp benefits issued outside the regular cycle are available the day following completion of the transaction. Cash benefits issued outside the regular cycle are available 5 days following completion of the transaction. TRE cash benefits are available 5 days after DWD issues the payment.
  • The household member(s) may call the caseworker or 800-997-7777 with questions or problems. Any questions relating to TRE other than if TRE benefits are available should be referred to DWD at 800-877-8698.