EBT Manual

0150.015.15 Transaction Fees

Ensure the household applying for cash assistance is informed of transaction fees. A transaction fee is a fee that is charged for cash withdrawals.

Transactions with no charges are:

  • food stamp purchases
  • balance inquiries
  • purchases with cash benefits, and
  • cash back when making purchases with cash

NOTE: If you receive a call from a participant that they have been charged a fee for any of the above transactions, contact the Program and Policy Unit. You will need to provide the card number, the name of the retailer, and a phone number for the retailer.

Transaction fees are deducted from the participant’s account as follows:

POS (point-of-sale machines in stores)

  • $.85 for each withdrawal

ATM (automated teller machines)

  • $.00 for 1st withdrawal
  • $.85 for each additional withdrawal

The participant should always make sure to check the balance and add $.85 plus any surcharge (see 0150.015.20 Surcharges) to the amount being withdrawn. (Example: if a participant makes a balance inquiry and the balance is $150.00 s/he can withdraw up to $148.00, if $1.00 surcharge and $.85 transaction fee are deducted from the account.)

If the participant does not wish to pay these fees, discuss the direct deposit option (see 0150.005.00 Direct Deposit).