EBT Manual

0150.015.25 Participant/Authorized Representative/Protective Payee Help Desk

Instruct the household in how best to utilize the eFunds Help Desk. The eFunds Help Desk performs a variety of functions necessary for participants to use the EBT process. It is sometimes necessary for workers to assist participants in accessing and using the Help Desk line. Due to specific time limits for entry of information in the automated voice response, some people are unable to enter the necessary information in a timely manner. Assisting these individuals is necessary to ensure access to benefits available to them.

The participant must call the Help Desk (800-997-7777) to:

  • change a PIN or
  • request a two month transaction history by mail.

Participants may also call the Help Desk to:

  • check account balances.

The household should call the Help Desk to report a:

  • lost,
  • stolen, or
  • damaged card.

The Help Desk provides assistance in English and Spanish.