EBT Manual

0150.020.05 EBT Card Disbursement Screen (EBTU)

IM-94 September 20, 2004

This screen is used to enter and update participant information not captured in IMU5 or FAMIS that is needed for Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT). Refer to Appendix A for EBTU data entry instructions (0150.065.05 Data Entry Instructions for the EBTU Screen).

The screen consists of three pages. The first page of the screen is used to enter head of household/payee information. The second page is used to enter alternate payee (authorized representative/protective payee) information (see 0150.020.10 Alternate Payee/Home Health Agencies). The third page displays all cards mailed since 8/1/99. The EBTU screen must be completed before a case approval can be completed.

Information needed for the “Client Maintenance File” which is taken from the EBTU screen includes:

  • whether the card is sent to the participant or the county office
  • designation of participants residing in group homes, shelters for battered women, drug and alcohol treatment centers, or in homeless shelters
  • designation that EBT materials be mailed to the participant in Spanish instead of English
  • authorized representative data for food stamp cases in which the participant selects an individual to be an authorized representative to use the benefits
  • protective payee data for Temporary Assistance cash cases in which a protective payee is assigned