EBT Manual

0150.032.10 Card Deleted

IM-34 April 14, 2023; IM-94 September 20, 2004; IM-100 July 31, 2003

The card may show as deleted or canceled in the Administrative Terminal but the EBT case may still be active. These cases may be identified by the following:

  • the Administrative Terminal displays the case name but no card number or status on the Case Maintenance screen, or status Active and only the first six digits of the card number on the Card Maintenance screen, or
  • the card is shown as “Deactivated/Canceled” on the Card Maintenance screen

These cards must be reissued through EBTU. Refer to Section 0150.065.05 Data Entry Instructions for the EBTU Screen. Check the Administrative Terminal the following business day to assure a new card was issued.

The participant must call the EBT Vendor Help Desk at 800-997-7777 on the back of the card to obtain a new PIN if the old PIN has been forgotten.