IRS Match and Safeguard

0160.005.00 How the IRS Match Is Accomplished

IM-109 July 16, 2020;

Family Support Division (FSD) sends a file to the IRS listing all individuals to be matched.  IRS returns a file to FSD containing unearned income information for the individuals.  FSD completes the match by deleting irrelevant data and loading the information into the system.

When FSD receives the file, the information is recorded on the IIRS screen.

Staff are informed that IRS matches are available on participants in the following ways:

  • For FAMIS Cases: If the IRS match is on a participant active in FAMIS, Staff will:
    • Navigate to the Select Interface (FMK0/INTRFACE) screen, select the row containing the IRS match notice; and
    • Press F6=DETAIL to flow to the IIRS screen.
  • For Legacy Cases: If the IRS match is on a recipient inactive in FAMIS, staff will still generate the notice for the active case in legacy and it will be handled by the appropriate office.

Staff have 45 days from the date the match is generated to determine continuing eligibility or ineligibility for the case.