0160.000.00 The IRS Match

0160.015.10 Request a System-Generated Adverse Action Notice (IEV-80)

IM-109 July 16, 2020

If the participant does not respond to the IEV-06, use the IIRS screen to request a system generated IEV-80 for the appropriate type of assistance. If this information is entered into FAMIS, an IM-80 will be system generated and tracked by the system rather than a manual process.

Step 1

Using the IIRS screen type 80 in the spaces to the left of the case ID for each case you are requesting an IEV-80. Press Enter. The IEV-80 contains each type of IEV-06 assistance selected. The IIRS screen displays the date the IEV-80 was requested, to the right of the screen, after the participant’s status, once the enter key is pressed.

It is not necessary to select a type of unearned income for the IEV-80.

Step 2

The pay county number and load number to be printed on the IEV-80 letter. The pay county will default to the selected offices that will process the statewide matches or one of the selected offices. The system generates and sends an IEV-80 listing all the types of assistance selected. Only one IEV-80 is sent for all cases selected. The closing reason given on the IEV-80 is “you did not cooperate in providing information requested of you regarding your unearned income (7CFR 273.2 (f) (9) and/or 45CFR 205.56).”

A copy of the IEV-80 is sent to staff for tracking purposes and closing action. The IEV-80 does not contain confidential IRS information and may be filed in the case record.

Step 3

THE SYSTEM WILL NOT CLOSE THE CASE WHEN THE 10 DAYS EXPIRE. Staff must close the case manually, following instructions for Worker Initiated Closing found in the Worker Initiated Rejection user guide in FAMIS Resources. Enter Action code “WICL” (worker initiated closing) and Reason code “COO” (failed to cooperate). If you use the IM-80 generated by the electronic case record the case will close after the adverse action period has ended.

NOTE:  An IEV-06 and an IEV-80 cannot be requested at the same time in the same transaction on the IIRS screen.