0110.000.00 Verification Requirements for MO HealthNet and Adult Cash Assistance Programs

0110.025.05 Earned Income

Obtaining verification of earned income is required for all eligibility determinations. Documentary evidence (examples: wage stubs, written statement from employer, The Work Number) must be obtained for any earned income source claimed by the client. The verification obtained must represent the best information available that can be used to predict future earned income.

  • At a minimum, verification of earned income received in the past 30 days must be obtained if available.
  • If that information is not available or does not reflect the client’s current income, a statement from the employer must be used. (Examples: client has a new job or client states s/he does not keep wage stubs.)
  • For self-employment use last year’s tax return to verify earnings. If that is not available, use current business records.

IMES information must be checked for all assistance group members age 16 or older to help ensure that the applicant has provided full and complete information. However, IMES information is not considered verification of earned income.

Note: Although application interviews are not required for Medicaid/MC+ cases, it may be necessary to contact the client to clarify information obtained from the verification provided.