Electronic Verification System (EVS) Manual

0110.060.10 Use of Electronic Verification System Sources

IM-20 April 1, 2024; IM-42 April 28, 2023; IM-58 May 20, 2022; IM-165 December 9, 2020

Use the following guidelines when accessing EVS sources. Not all sources are used for all programs. If one source indicates ineligibility, the remainder of the EVS sources may not need to be reviewed.   

Data Source: Use for the following programs:
Federal Data Services Hub – Provides information regarding income, social security number, citizenship, and immigration status MAGI MO HealthNet only
National Accuracy Clearinghouse – Provides information regarding duplicate Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) participation in other states

SNAP Only applications and recertifications

Submit matches for all eligibility unit members, as needed

Can review at Mid-Certification Review, if needed

IMES – Provides information regarding wages reported to the Missouri Employment Security Office and Unemployment Compensation benefits 

All programs

Must be accessed at application, recertification, mid-certification review, and annual renewal for participants age 16 and above.  Access as needed for changes in circumstance.

Verification of Earnings (VOE) – Provides information regarding earned income

SNAP Only (can also be used for connected combination cases within the integrated eligibility system)

Access only for SNAP case actions, results can be used for all programs.

IIVE – SVES-Wire Third Party Query – Provides information regarding benefits administered by the Social Security Administration and Medicare eligibility dates

All programs

Must be accessed at application, recertification, mid-certification review, and annual renewal for all household members whose income is included in the eligibility determination.

Access as needed for changes in circumstance.

Missouri Automated Child Support System (MACSS) – Provides information regarding Child Support payments made and received All programs, as needed
Accuity – Provides information regarding liquid assets such as bank accounts

Non-MAGI MO HealthNet only

Access at application for all household members

Automated query will be made at the time of annual renewal

Accurint for Government Eligibility (AfGE) – Provides information regarding real property, personal property, incarceration, and death MO HealthNet programs, as needed


When determining if an EVS source should be utilized, an application refers to:

  • an initial application
  • adding an individual to a case in which that individual is requesting benefits, or
  • adding cash benefits (such as Blind Pension) to an active MO HealthNet case

Note:  Adding an individual to a case in which they are not requesting coverage is a change in circumstance, not an application.

Responses from Accuity, AfGE, and VOE are valid for 90 days if they are consistent with the participant’s statement.

Example: An annual renewal was processed and an Accuity match was received on November 10, 2020.  The participant’s case closed on December 1, 2020 because requested income verification was not provided.  On December 22, 2020 the participant submits a new application without the requested income verification.  The closing of the case cannot be canceled because not all of the requested information was provided.  When the application is processed, a new Accuity match is not requested because the match dated November 10, 2020 matches the participant’s statements on the most recent application.  A Request for Information is sent regarding the income verification that is still required.