0110.060.00 Electronic Verification System (EVS)

0110.060.15.15 Ex Parte Reviews When MHDC Participants Turn Age 18

IM-165, December 09, 2020;

An ex parte review must be completed when MO HealthNet for Disabled Children (MHDC) participants are no longer under the age of 18.  The authorization to verify assets through the Electronic Verification System (EVS), must now be obtained when the renewal form or an Authorization for Verification (IM-6EVS) form is signed by the participant, the participant’s spouse, or authorized representative. Refer to manual section 0840.000.00 Reviews and Interim Activities for more information. 

When the participant reaches age 18 a parent’s signature is not acceptable for authorization purposes unless that parent is the participant’s legal guardian, conservator, designated power of attorney, or authorized representative.  For authorization for individuals who are incapacitated refer to section 0110.060.15 Fair Credit Reporting Act Authorization for more information.