Electronic Verification System (EVS) Manual

0110.060.20 Information Reported by Electronic Verification System Causes Ineligibility

IM-165 December 9, 2020

Per 42 C.F.R. 435.952(d), the Family Support Division (FSD) cannot close a case due to information reported solely by a source, unless it matches the participant’s statements.  When an Electronic Verification System (EVS) match returns information that indicates that an applicant or participant is ineligible and this information was NOT reported by the participant, FSD must request additional information from the applicant or participant.  This could be in the form of contact with the participant to confirm the information or the request of additional verification.

Example:  An EVS match indicated an undisclosed bank account with a balance that exceeded the resource limit for MO HealthNet for the Aged, Blind, or Disabled coverage.  Staff attempted to contact the participant by phone to ask if this information was accurate, when they did not reach the participant, staff sent a Request for Information notice requesting verification regarding the ownership of the account and the balance.  A response was not received, FSD proceeded with the closing of the case because requested verification was not provided.