0815.030.10 Determining Total Allowable Deductions

0815. Allotments for Minors Not Living With Community Spouse

IM-#33, March 29, 2012

If the institutionalized participant has minor children who do not live with a community spouse, use the following method to determine the allotment amount.

Allow the allotment to the minor child after allotments to the community spouse and dependents who live with the community spouse.

  1. Using MO HealthNet for Families (MHF) assistance group rules, determine the budget group for the minor child(ren). (See Section 0905.012.10.)
  2. Using MHF income rules, determine the gross income of the minor child See Section 0905.012.60. Do not count any income excludable by MHF rules. (See Section 0905.012.75.)
  3. Determine the adjusted gross income by subtracting any deductions allowable by MHF rules from the gross income. (See Section 0905.012.65 and Section 0905.012.70.)
  4. Determine the deficit by subtracting the adjusted gross income of the minor child from the July 1996 AFDC percentage of need standard determined by the budget group. (See Appendix D).
  5. The amount of the allotment may be up to but not exceed the amount of the deficit.