MO HealthNet for the Aged, Blind, and Disabled (MHABD) Manual

0820.020.00 Application Process

IM-25 04/08/15

If the individual is not currently receiving MO HealthNet benefits, an application for MHABD must be taken:

  1. Obtain a signed application form (IM-1MA or IM-1). Refer to Application Processing manual, Section 0105.010.00 for more information on who may sign the application.

    NOTE: As with any MHABD application, determine eligibility for QMB/SLMB

  2. Have the individual or his/her representative complete the eligibility statement (IM-1MA or IM-2) or complete a FAMIS interview and sign the interview summary.
  3. Determine that the individual is age 63 or older.
  4. If the individual is at least age 63 but is under age 65, determine that the individual meets PTD requirements.
  5. Determine that the individual’s gross income is at or below the HCB maximum. Complete the application flow in FAMIS.
  6. Approve the MHABD application if individual is eligible for MHABD spend down or nonspend down.
  7. If applicant cannot be approved for MHABD due to excess resources, but has a spouse with whom they live and the individual is not obviously ineligible for HCB, begin the division of assets.
  8. Using the Home and Community Based Referral (IM-54A) form, refer the individual to DHSS/DSDS to determine medical need and authorization for HCB services within 2 days of approval for MHABD coverage or decision that a division of assets will be required.