National Voter Registration (NVR) Manual

2100.020.00 Distribution of Voter Registration Forms

IM-105 October 8, 2021, IM-60 September 26, 2011, IM-64 September 3, 2009, IM-6 February 5, 2009,  IM-62 August 12, 2008

The Family Support Division (FSD) is required by law to offer the opportunity to register to vote.  FSD staff members are required to offer the same degree of assistance to participants in completing the voter registration application forms as is offered in completing other agency forms, unless they refuses such assistance (refer to 2100.030.00 Form Completion Assistance).

Voter registration services must be made available to all public assistance applicants and participants. This includes all members in a household who could register to vote. Voter registration services are to be made available at all contacts (including home visits and telephone calls) for:

  • application for any IM program, including Child Care and Food Stamp recertifications;
  • Food Stamp mid-certification reviews, Temporary Assistance reviews, MO HealthNet reviews; and
  • a change of address report

NOTE: Offer to send voter registration forms with the participant for other household members who may want to register to vote but are not physically present in the FSD location.

Voter registration services must also be made available for non-applicants who come into the FSD location and request voter registration services.

Refer to Section 2100.020.70 for special procedures for out-of-state residents.

Do not deny anyone the right to complete and submit a voter registration application form. Election officials will determine if eligibility requirements are met.

Homeless participants who come into a location are to be given the same opportunity to register to vote as those who have a permanent residential address,  from the voting process.  The individual can list the general area in which s/he stays, the address for a shelter at which s/he stays, a relative’s address where s/he stays, etc. as their address on the form. The individual should not list the FSD office address for the “address where you live” on this form. Send the voter registration application forms for homeless individuals to the local election authority following normal processes for the FSD office.

When an authorized representative makes an application for benefits, offer voter registration services to the authorized representative.  Do not ask the authorized representative to complete and sign the Missouri Voter Registration Application for the applicant.  If the authorized representative chooses, s/he may take a Missouri Voter Registration Application to the applicant/household.

FAMIS sends the Missouri Voter Registration Application (VR-100) when any of the following forms is sent:

  • Temporary Assistance Eligibility Review Form (FA-202),
  • MO HealthNet Eligibility Review Information Form (FA-402),
  • Child Care Reapplication/Review Form (FA-502),
  • Notice of Expiration of Food Stamp Benefits (FA-520), and
  • Food Stamp Mid-Certification Review Report Form (FA-545).

Only one VR-100 generates to an Eligibility Unit (EU) on a specific day. If multiple notices are generated on the same day, and one of those notices is an FA-520, the VR-100 will be mailed with the FA-520. If no FA-520 is produced for a particular date and any or all of the other forms are produced (FA-202, FA-402, FA-502, or FA-545), the VR-100 is mailed with only one of these forms.

If a participant or applicant brings the VR-100 with them to the office accept and process the form. Do not offer the individual another Missouri Voter Registration Application on that visit.  If a participant mails in the VR-100 along with his or her application for benefits or review form and then later comes into the office to complete an in-person interview, make another application for benefits, report a change of address, or request voter registration services only, he or she must be presented with another Missouri Voter Registration Application at the time of the office visit.

If an individual calls to request a voter registration application be mailed, offer to mail the form which staff will print from the FSD Intranet page, and also advise the caller that the individual can print a voter registration application from the Internet. An individual may download and print the Voter Registration application from the Department of Social Services Internet website at the following:;; and, complete the form, and mail it to the FSD office either with or without an application for assistance. Enter information from the voter registration application on the Voter Registration Log if it returned by mail. The individuals name is not entered on the Reception Log if it is not an in-person application, recertification, review, or request for voter registration services.