National Voter Registration (NVR) Manual

2100.040.00 Corrective Action Requirement

IM-105 October 8, 2021, IM-60 September 26, 2011, IM-64 September 3, 2009, IM-2 January 09, 2009   IM-62 August 12, 2008

If it is found that there is not a record of an individual being given the opportunity to register to vote, county staff, under the direction of the local NVRA Coordinator, must immediately send the Voter Registration Letter and a Voter Registration application to the individual, offering him/her the opportunity to register to vote.  The Voter Registration Letter must be completed in its entirety using local letterhead.

Keep a copy of the letter and form in a subfolder designated for these letters in the central county/office file.

County management and the local NVRA Coordinator must monitor that the corrective action is taken on cases when there is no record of the applicant/EU being given the opportunity to register to vote.