National Voter Registration (NVR) Manual

2100.050.00 Transmission of Completed Forms

IM-118 November 16, 2021IM-105 October 8, 2021; IM-60 September 26, 2011; IM-54 July 22, 2008; IM-37 May 20, 2008

Completed Missouri Voter Registration Application forms must be sent to the appropriate county clerk’s office or election authority within five business days after receipt. DO NOT detach the top portion of the Missouri Voter Registration Application form. The entire form must be forwarded to the election official upon completion.

County clerk’s office information may be accessed through the Secretary of State’s web site at

Completed National Mail Voter Registration forms must be sent, within five business days, to the mailing address indicated on the form for the individual’s state of residence (refer to Section 2100.020.70 Out-of-State Residents).

NOTE: While individuals registering to vote may choose to transmit the forms themselves, it is important to note that the Family Support Division (FSD) is held accountable for effective procedures in conjunction with Voter Registration Services, including timely transmittal.

Copy all voter registration applications prior to submission to the county clerk’s office or nearest election authority within the county. Refer to Section 2100.020.40 Procedure for Completed Forms for information on retaining and logging voter registration applications.