National Voter Registration (NVR) Manual

2100.060.00 Adequate Supply of Voter Registration Forms

IM-118 November 16, 2021IM-105 October 8, 2021; IM-60 September 26, 2011; IM-62 August 12, 2008; IM-60 August 7, 2008

Family Support Division (FSD) locations must have Missouri Voter Registration Application/declination forms available at all times. FSD locations must, through normal ordering procedures, re-order Missouri Voter Registration Application forms as needed to maintain an amount that is projected to be adequate for two months of voter registration services. It is the responsibility of the local NVRA Coordinator to monitor the number of forms the FSD location has in stock.

If for any reason, an FSD location runs out of Missouri Voter Registration Application forms provided through the Secretary of State’s office and the warehouse cannot immediately send Missouri Voter Registration Application forms, contact the state FSD NVRA coordinator immediately for assistance.

FSD locations can print Missouri Voter Registration Application forms on paper and may use these forms to offer voter registration service to individuals in place of the cardstock forms provided by the Secretary of State. Forms must be printed on one sheet of paper with the Missouri Voter Registration Application on one side of the page and the declination on the other.

To access the Missouri Voter Registration Application:

  • from the FSD Intranet page, click the Resources tab and select Voter Registration
  • on the top left section of the Voter Registration Information page, click the Voter Registration Application link

Follow normal NVR procedures established in the FSD location after an individual either completes the voter registration application or declines to register to vote.