zz – Obsolete

0105.025.15.35 General Relief Program Explanation – OBSOLETE

Obsolete per IM-126 September 15, 2022

If applicable, discuss how the medical determination will be made.  Include the responsibilities of both the claimant and FSD. Give the claimant all relevant medical forms and have the Medical Referral and Authorization Letter signed.

Give copies of the following leaflets to each applicant:

  1. General Relief pamphlet, IM-4 General Relief
  2. Hearing pamphlet IM-4, Hearing Rights
  3. Medicaid and You pamphlet IM-4 Medicaid

Complete the following forms, at a minimum:

  1. Application and Eligibility statement IM-1MA
  2. Third Party Resource Form, TPL-1 if necessary
  3. Referral to SSI if disability is expected to last 6 months or longer IM-76
  4. Interim Assistance Reimbursement Agreement, IM-77
  5. Identification Data, IM-35
  6. Age Verification, IM-11 if needed
  7. Request for Information, IM-31A if needed
  8. Request for Direct Deposit, IM4DD if needed

Explain the following eligibility requirements:

  1. residence,
  2. institutional residence,
  3. unemployability,
  4. SSI eligibility,
  5. Licensed Boarding Residential or Intermediate Home,
  6. Need, and
  7. resources.
  8. Prior month coverage.