zz – Obsolete

0105.025.15 Explanation Required of All Programs – OBSOLETE

Obsolete per IM-126 September 15, 2022

IM-75 May 5, 2019, IM-134 November 13, 2017

It is mandatory that all MO HealthNet for the Aged, Blind, and Disabled applicants are informed of their RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES.

Explain the policy regarding the following to each household for each program:

  1. how the program will benefit the household;
  2. verification required to establish eligibility;
  3. time processing standards;
  4. how need is determined and how standards are used;
  5. right to a fair hearing and appeal;
  6. household’s responsibility for reporting changes appropriate for each program;
  7. federal and state laws regarding fraud provisions and penalties;
  8. non-discrimination;
  9. policy regarding quality control;
  10. service referrals as appropriate;
  11. explanation of direct deposit and of Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) of the Temporary Assistance grant;
  12. estate recovery information;
  13. HCY, if applicable;
  14. prior quarter or prior month eligibility;
  15. Voter Registration application/declination; and
  16. Issuance and use of the plastic Medicaid card

Additional information and the specific eligibility requirements to be explained for each program follows.