zz – Obsolete

0110.060.40 Electronic Verification System Case Record Entries – OBSOLETE

Obsolete per IM-42 April 28, 2023

IM-165 December 9, 2020

When information is retrieved from the EVS, staff must:

  • Make a detailed comment in the electronic case record regarding:
    • the information received;
    • the specific EVS source that provided the information; and
    • case action taken.
  • Enter the correct verification information in the eligibility system. Refer to the user guides for each EVS source for detailed instructions.
    • Sources that have Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requirements, such as Accuity and Benefit Assessment/Accurint for Government Eligibility, have unique verification codes that cause the appropriate FCRA language to be included on notices regarding adverse actions.

NOTE:  When action is taken on one case, it may impact the participant’s other income maintenance cases.

A copy of the EVS match must be added to the participant’s electronic case record. Reminder: IBTH, IDTH, and IRS Match information should never be added to the electronic case record.

When cases are rejected, closed, or have a reduction in level of care due to information provided by the EVS, participants will receive the appropriate notices informing them:

  • of the determination;
  • when applicable, the notice will inform participants that information from a match with a consumer reporting agency was used to determine eligibility and provide contact information for the consumer reporting agency that provided the information;
  • to advise the participant of the timeframe for disputing the determination; and
  • to contact FSD within 90 days from the date of the notice if they disagree with the agency’s decision and wish to request a hearing.