zz – Obsolete

0803.020.10.20 Duration of Appointment of an Authorized Representative – OBSOLETE

Obsolete per IM-103 July 11, 2022

IM-65 June 29, 2021, IM-156 October 8, 2019, IM#79 December 28, 2018, IM-33 April 20, 2015

A signed Appointment of Authorized Representative (IM-6AR) form is valid if it is submitted within 90 days of the date of the signature by the participant.

EXAMPLE: An employee of the local hospital submits an IM-6AR on behalf of Aaron, who is applying for MO HealthNet. The IM-6AR was signed by Aaron 7 months ago. The IM-6AR was not submitted within 90 days of the date Aaron signed it and is not a valid IM-6AR.

Once the signed Appointment of Authorized Representative (IM-6AR) form is received, the Family Support Division (FSD) shall consider the authorization to remain in effect until:

  • FSD receives written notice that the appointment of authorized representative has been revoked by the applicant/participant; or
  • The death of a participant. The authorized representative may continue to assist with an existing application filed prior to the participant’s death or for payment of benefits owed prior to the participant’s death. For further information regarding applications for deceased person see Sections 0105.040.15 Death after Application and 0105.040.20 Application for Deceased Persons.

For a representative appointed only to assist the participant to apply for assistance, authorization ends when the final decision on the application is complete, including the hearing period.

At reapplication, review the previous authorized representative information in the eligibility system with the participant to determine if the appointment is still valid. If it is not valid, obtain a signed IM-6ARR.