zz – Obsolete

1142.035.10.10 Determining the Amount of the Claim for Change Reporting EUs – OBSOLETE

Obsolete per IM-65 July 12, 2023

IM-52 May 30, 2013

For claim periods prior to May 1, 2010 (when simplified reporting went into effect for all EUs) use this link to view a document which contains the obsolete Food Stamp Program and Policy Manual sections which included change reporting requirements.

Prior to May 1, 2010 to determine a claim amount for an EU when the change reporting requirement is not simplified reporting use these following guidelines.

  • Determine the amount of Food Stamp benefits the EU received for the period of the possible overpayment.
    • Review Payment History (FM5F) screen in FAMIS. Three years’ payment history is stored.
    • If the Payment History (FM5F) screen does not contain payment history for the entire claim period, the Benefit Payment History Report is available to all domains in Managed Reporting. This report provides information for Food Stamp benefits issued from the date the Eligibility Unit (EU) first received benefits in FAMIS through the last day of the month prior to running the report, including regular payroll issuances available in the current month.
  • Determine the amount of Food Stamp benefits the EU was eligible to receive for the period of the possible overpayment. Calculate a budget using the actual income and expenses, EU composition, and eligibility factors for each month. Income is not converted.

NOTE: In situations where all efforts to obtain actual income have failed and the claim period covers the entire quarter and the income information is consistent on IMES, this source of income verification may be used to calculate the overpayment.