zz – Obsolete

1802.020.25 Mail-In or Drop-Off Application – OBSOLETE

Obsolete per IM-15 February 24, 2023

IM-134 November 14, 2017

Applications submitted by mail or dropped off at a FSD office should be accepted and processed the same as an in-person application.  The application date is the date a signed application is received in a FSD office or by a contracted agency.  If a dropped-off application is received after normal business hours, or on a weekend or holiday, the application date will be the next business day.

EXCEPTION: If an application is placed in a FSD drop-box by a contracted agency, the application date will be the date the contracted agency received the application.  Examples of a contracted agency are the Department of Mental Health, or a clinic that has a contract with the Department of Social Services to accept MO HealthNet applications.