zz – Obsolete

1900.050.00 Family Support Division (FSD) Field Office Responsibilities – OBSOLETE

Obsolete per IM-21 March 3, 2022

IM#51 May 18, 2017

Although qualified entities (QE) are instructed to contact FSD through the above mentioned methods, if the QE contacts the local FSD Resource Center, staff should screen for past PE eligibility, search and assign DCN as needed following the same procedures given above for FSD Information Center staff.

FSD offices must develop procedures to:

  • log PE documentation into ITrackRS:
    • PE-3 or PE-3 TEMP; and
    • Any other documentation submitted by applicant, including an IM-1SSL, if submitted
  • scan and email all documentation to FSD.MEDES@dss.mo.gov with PE in the subject line on same or next business day.

    NOTE: All PE determinations must be sent to FSD.MEDES@dss.mo.gov and must not be entered through any other method.

The assigned MAGI Processing Center will:

  • process PE cases;
  • register the PE determinations into the appropriate system; and
  • ensure documents are scanned to the Virtual File Room.

QEs that sign agreements to determine PE will be added to the Presumptive Eligibility Qualified Entity List found at:

  • https://dssapp.dss.mo.gov/ProviderList/sprovider.asp

Contact the MO HealthNet Program and Policy at COLE.MHNPOLICY@dss.mo.gov with any issues or concerns regarding the QE’s administration of the PE programs.