zz – Obsolete

1900.050.10.10 ITMP Entries for TEMP / SMHB-PE – OBSOLETE

Obsolete per IM-21 March 3, 2022

IM#51 May 18, 2017

Until MEDES has functionality to enter PE determinations, continue using the following procedure. The ITMP screen is used for TEMP / SMHB-PE determinations and is accessed by typing ITMP space DCN. Use the following steps to make entries:

  • Enter the temporary number (P number) from the P-Number Spreadsheet.;
  • Enter county, load, worker and supervisor numbers;
  • Enter the nine (9) digit provider number for the QE;
  • Enter the applicants address;
  • The TEMP / SMHB-PE application date is the begin date of coverage. Enter the begin date of coverage n the following format: mmddyyyy;
  • Enter income from line F7 of the PE-2 Worksheet. This field requires seven (7) characters as follows – 00000 00;
  • Enter the size of the household from the PE-2 Worksheet from which the TEMP / SMHB-PE determination was made;
  • Enter the estimated due date from the PE-2 Worksheet;
  • SMHB indicator field requires an entry of Yes (Y)or No (N):
  • Place a N if applicant qualifies for the Temporary MO HealthNet During Pregnancy (TEMP) program.
  • Place a Y if applicant qualifies for the Show-Me Healthy Babies program (SMHB-PE); and
  • Press control and receive case processed message.